Hi ya~ ξ\(๑-̴̴̴̴̯͡ ₃-̴̴̴̴̯͡ ๑)/ξ

Welcome to my blog! Hope u enjoy 😉

Okay, first I’ll introduce my self.

I’m Frida, 97Lines ♥(>┌┐<)•°
I’m bana, kissme, exostan and OTHER/?
My hobby:

  • Fangirling
  • Browsing
  • Listen to the music
  • Sleeping
  • Watching tv/movie, esp. K-Drama ofc!

I’m Gongchan’s wifeu♥; Kiseop’s girlfriend’s♥; Kevin’s selingkuhan♥; Baekhyun’s TTM♥ and Luhan’s beloved saeng♥

Oh no (;° ロ°) saya kelewat curhat/? #apaini.
Sekian from me~ Let’s kita berteman (ง ื▽ ื)ว

Contac me here!

You can find me here: or
And ask me here:

Thanks and see ya~~



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